Maleeha Samer
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Duyumlar Algılar- Sensations Perceptions



Photography is how I connect and bring my visions and ideas to light. This body of work is a result of a photographic exploration of the Turkish culture. 

I spent one month in Türkiye; a country brimming with culture from many civilizations. Türkiye is a society of hospitable people, everyone willing to help you to get where you want to be, to do what you want to do. The spirited people who enjoy life to the fullest, simultaneously take it easy and acknowledge the small things. You can see the evidence of past cultures, subtly and obviously visible (Greco-Roman/Byzantine and Ottoman Empires). The lives of the people are interlaced with the customs of Islam and practices of the contemporary European culture.

The leisurely drinking of tea, from young to old, was a normal activity. Everything was pulsing with life, even the alleyways that were found only when one was lost. I believe the combination of all varieties of colors and patterns collided to enhance the surroundings. The streets and bazaars were filled with the noise of bustling shoppers, Turkish music, and the haggling between the shopkeeper and shopper.

Most importantly, there was this pride of being Turkish. I realize most individuals are proud to be a part of their country; nevertheless, the Turkish are proud that they have so much rich history ingrained into their lives. They are proud of the way they live their lives, the food they eat, and the language they speak. They are proud of the founder of their country and where they are today. Yes, they realize that they too have faults and there are some flaws in their society. However, overall they are proud of the people they are; that they are from Türkiye.

This series of work takes you on a journey of enhanced sensations and perceptions. The photographs speak to the senses that come alive with the smells of everyday, the auditory chaos, the tactile variety, and the visual vibrancy that envelops the wanderer.