Maleeha Samer



Psyche and Innocence or Lack Thereof

Since the beginning of my undergraduate career, I knew I would study photography and psychology. I always believed they were two separate passions and I would never combine the two. However, at the end of my undergraduate life I found myself subconsciously doing just that. 

Humans are complex beings and the aim of this series is to capture a fragment of this complexity. Some individuals have the capability of putting on a different persona in a multitude of settings. These female subjects are portraying these different personalities and psychological states, but maintaining their true selves throughout. Not only are they illustrating their psyche, but also their lack of innocence. Children are maturing faster than their age with each generation or are at least exposed to situations beyond their years. Can this exposure be enough for a child to mature or does it only give an illusion? 

The psyche can fragment into many pieces and on a greater scale, society can be broken down into several spheres; my artwork is parts of this whole. In this world, there is a narrative to be told that can be a complex puzzle; the artwork is pieces to that puzzle. The narrative in my artwork is not always literal and leans more towards a concept and that concept leads to other visions.

The idea of the narrative leading to a concept which leads to a vision is a non-restrictive cycle of cognitive and physical processes that incorporate both the artist and the viewer. Visually depicting a story and psychosis, I welcome the viewer to peel back the layers of parts of the whole.